In this crucial corona time, one thing that is getting expensive is the mask and sanitizers. People today are unable to get the masks in their locality, and they are in high need of it as it is not allowed to roam outside without a mask. No doubt that people are making use of some of ordinary masks or some cloth masks to cover their face but is it safe for them?

N95 masks are the particular category of masks with a proper filtration system of more than two layers in its base. It is recommended because it can cover the entire mouth of the person adequately. The mask can prevent the Virus from entering the respiratory tract, whereas other masks are not compatible enough. Learn more about N95 mask visit on pandemic pal.

Why is the price rising?

Life is full of uncertainties, and the live example of this thought is the spread of the Coronavirus in the entire world. People were totally unaware during the New Year that what is going to happen, and by march, everything collapsed. Here are some of the reasons that will explain to you about the rising price of the masks in your area:-

Shortage of supply

The shortage of supply is one of the big reasons why the N95 mask for sale is getting expensive day after another. The reasons for the shortage of masks are:-

  1. Lockdown:- Lockdown is something that has stopped the entire world, and the factories are closed. Since the factories are closed, the production is stopped and hence no supplies.
  2. Restriction in transport:- The second reason is also because of the lockdown only. The supplies are getting disturbed as there are many restrictions in movement from one place to another, and hence the masks are not reaching their place.

So that is why you are not getting the masks in your city!