It is a known fact that several laboratory and diagnostic tests are uncomfortable to undergo. This is among the reasons why some individuals do not have themselves checked. This is why medical experts and innovators continue to search for more convenient alternatives. For instance, you can undergo an oral saliva drug test instead of the conventional blood or urine drug screening which many people find uncomfortable. Get more details about SalivaConfirm™ Mouth Swab Drug Test | Confirm BioSciences check out this site.

Oral saliva drug test is being employed in many screening processes, even those administered by government agencies for the following reasons:

  • The kit is easy to use and the test can be administered by anyone so long as he/she knows how to do it properly.
  • Oral saliva drug test does not require being performed in a screening facility. It can be done on the spot.
  • Most kits will yield results in an instant. There is even no need to process the specimen in a laboratory.
  • Compared to conventional drug screening, oral saliva drug test costs cheaper.
  • You can specify the substances that you want to check.
  • This type of drug test is reliable and can detect substances which may have been used in the last fourteen days.

Administering the test is simple. You just insert the sterile swab in between the lower jaw and cheek of the individual and wait for about 3 minutes before taking it out. However, below are important considerations:

  • The oral saliva drug test kit needs to be authentic.
  • The individual undergoing the test must report any medications he/she has taken prior to the test as this can alter the result.
  • If the person ingests foods with poppy seeds, it can yield a positive result for opioids.

Any factor that may affect the result of the oral saliva drug test must be discussed prior to the test.