We can examine the competition effects of transportation portability among transport platform, providing policy recommendations for the preservation of innovative, undistorted competitive markets. Based on a platform-data model, it is illustrated how users, of electric tricycle products of a transport platform, are related. Trike markets which entail an especially high risk of market power usage are determined. It is concluded that the right to transport portability has to be interpreted in a nuanced fashion to avoid adverse effects on competition and innovation.

Multi-sided transport platforms such as buses, uber services, and railway platforms are capable of creating enormous benefits for societies and economies. It is however easy to be uneasy about the impact of these platforms: they quickly achieve scope and huge market valuations, and they use vast amounts of data in an opaque fashion. Many of the calls for new regulatory provisions for trike overlook the particular characteristics of portable electric trike markets such as environmental effects and switching costs.

Electric trikes offer a potential way out by analyzing platform-specific competition effects. It focuses on one of the key drivers of switching costs, namely the extent to which is portable from one platform to another. The main concern derived from the absence of transport portability is the user lock-in effect, which might constitute a market entry barrier for other companies and hence distort competition. To learn more about Adult tricycle sales – The best adult tricycles online, visit on hyperlinked site.

Trikes providers usually such that it cannot be extracted by the user or a competitor. Thus, once customers have chosen an electric trike and ‘invested’ their money these will be advantageous in all aspects. In case of price increases and service changes, they consequently have reduced negotiation power. The risk of lock-in is still the norm rather than the exception when it comes to portable transportation. The illustration of portability is important for both time and investment.