The dissertation and thesis acknowledgment section is where you can thank and appraise those people who have helped, supported, assisted, and encouraged you during your research and writing process. This acknowledgment section includes both professional and personal acknowledgment – this can be but is not limited to institutions, organizations, or individuals.

Though your acknowledgment section will not be able to use to evaluate your research or work, it is still an important and essential part of your research – thesis or dissertation. For the reason that it can have a positive influence on the perception of your readers before they can even reach the main body or part of your work.

The writing style or format for thesis or dissertation acknowledgment can be more information as this is not part of the academic work itself and it is your chance to write something that is more personal. This is because you may use first-person pronounce in the acknowledgment section. For more information on phd thesis and dissertations click here.

Let’s take a look here how the acknowledgment for thesis or dissertation section is written.

  • The thesis or dissertation acknowledgment section will appear directly after the title page of your research and before the abstract section – this should usually be no longer than one page.
  • Commonly, there are two categories of acknowledgment you can write on your research – it can be professional or personal as mentioned above. And usually, researchers should only mention those people who were just directly involved but is they feel that their high school English professor was a great inspiration for their research, they can include such an exception. Some schools or universities will only allow the researchers to acknowledge those people who have directly contributed to their research, for example, the members of academia and other professionals who have helped them.
  • When writing acknowledgment, it is a wise and good tactic to place the professional acknowledgment first in the section as there is no set rule of the standard order is to move it from the most formal to least. You can write it down from funders to supervisors to other academics acknowledgment to colleagues and to family and friends.