Finding a perfect nail color can be challenging task for a woman because it requires a lot of skills.  A person should choose nail color according to the style and clothes. You will have to choose the color according to shape of hands and skin tone.

If you are one who has chubby fingers then you will have to choose nail polish that will improve the appearance of nails. In order to look elongate then you need to choose nail polish color according to the color of skin. Make sure that you are choosing a nail polish color that can enhance the skin tone.  If you have fairer skin then a person should choose dark color. In case any person has medium skin tone then dark red shades will be reliable for it. Following are considerations that a person should take into account while choosing a reliable nail color.

  • Outfit

There are so many nail colors are available and a person should choose for right one. Make sure that you are choosing the nail polish matches with outfit. Try to choose a color that can complementary with outfit. If you are already in love with the color of your top, shoe and hair band then it would be better to choose similar color of out outfit.

  • Makeup

It is your responsibility to match the nail polish with lipstick.  If possible then you should choose the nail polish color that match with eye shadow.  Market is incorporated with so many nail colors like blues, corals, pink, black and a per should choose right one.

Additionally, all you need to choose a genuine nail polish that will make the makeup outstanding and bold.  A person should select nail color according to the season and their own personality in order to look attractive.